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7 reasons why it’s awesome to have a sister

7 reasons why it’s awesome to have a sister

I’ve always wanted to have a sister. I wanted it so hard that I announced in the kindergarten that soon our family would grow – the funny thing was that at the time it wasn’t true. My parents didn’t even plan it yet. So when the teachers congratulated my mother she was a bit surprised. I told Gerda a few years later that she wouldn’t have been born if it wasn’t for me, because after my announcement our parents were forced to have a second child. 😀

I was already 6 years old, when my sister was born. Since then life hasn’t been the same: we have our ups and downs, but I still think her existence and our relationship is one of the best things in my life.

This list will be a little different from the usual ones where obvious things are recorded like ‘I can always count on her’ or ‘I can steel her clothes’. I wanted to create a list which represents our unique and twisted life together.

  1. She puts chocolate and sweets in my pockets, drawers, bags – basically everywhere. Maybe she is training my willpower, or just wants me to get fat. I’m not sure yet. But still, I’m always smiling when I find one of her treats.
  2. We have our own language. For example ‘I have painted my nails on my left hand’ means you have something sticking out of your left nostril and it’s gross. Pretty useful, right?
  3. She is the perfect partner in crime. We had a bunny named Samu when we were children, but he had to stay in the garden and wasn’t allowed to be inside our house. When our parents weren’t at home, we would bring him in our room and teach him tricks or feed him with biscuits he liked. Naturally he would always leave some dirt behind, so when our mum or dad got home, one of us would entertain them while the other cleans the evidences.
  4. She has pretty clothes. And yes, we are almost the same size… It’s okay to borrow each other’s stuff, but first we have to go through our ritual which is the following. She offers me clothes one by one and I refuse them while complaining how strange they look or something like that. At the end when she gets pissed off I pick one of the offered ones and realize how great it is. We do this every time and it works perfectly 🙂
  5. She understands my (secret) affection towards stuffed animals. And bought me Pjotr, the rat from IKEA I was too embarrassed to buy myself at the age of 25.
  6. I can truly be myself beside her, she doesn’t judge me. Even if I eat 4 cookies in a row at night and make a hysterical monologue about my figure right after that.
  7. My sister is just as messed up as me. Yesterday when we walked down the road we got so scared because of a strange noise behind our backs that we screamed like two piglets. This strange noise came from a four year old boy who was playing around with his basketball.

Thank you for all the amazing moments together <3 Cheers for our sisters! 🙂

my sister, our mom and I
damn, it feels good to be a gangsta

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