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choosing the perfect gift for christmas

choosing the perfect gift for christmas

Panic station

What could be the perfect gift for Christmas – the eternal question rises again. It is quite a common belief that our love, capability and our stress tolerance will be tested. But don’t panic, you can’t lose in this game: if you give with the best intention and the recipient judges you by the cost/wittiness/cuteness of your present, it is your relationship which has to be reconsidered. You don’t have to live up to anybody’s expectations, just be yourself and give lovingly.

I know that the kind and obvious advises above are turning into not so comforting clichés as the time passes and as Christmas is approaching, so I have decided to share a few tips with you to boost your creativity and to help save time so you can focus on your loved ones instead of panicking (like I did the other day, because everyone has their bad hair days no matter that I’m almost done with preparing gifts –  but at least I’m admitting it proudly).


choosing the perfect gift for Christmas: a little guide by The Puur Blog #christmas #gift #tips #thepuurblog

Gift experiences

Choose something which will get him or her out of the comfort zone and the positive impact is guaranteed. Here are some examples:

  • All kinds of tickets: voucher for an arthouse film, avantgarde theater, ambient concert or a contemporary exhibition – but be careful to set the grade of weirdness, cause everyone has their limits.
  • Ticket to an adventure park: not only the kids love it!
  • Voucher for course of your choice: dancing, painting, cooking, photographing, etc.
  • Wellness weekend: for couples and parents perfect.

Gift everyday luxury

We all have things we wish to buy but can’t afford or simply won’t buy because we think that money we would spend on it is in a better place somewhere else. Find out what it is for the one you want to make smile. Like:

  • Books: the best way to please a bookworm, who spends a lot of money on literature or too much time in a library.
  • Magazine or newspaper subscription.
  • Jewelry, gadgets, clothes, decoration – you name it.
  • My personal favorite this year: pretty machines which turn coconut/hazelnut/oat/actually everything into milk, like this cutie of Vegital.

Gift yourself

You can’t go wrong with this one. I’m sure you know the cheesy song All I Want for Christmas is You (which I secretly like)… Think about it and let this Christmas – and your present – bring you two closer to each other:

  • Handmade stuff, like earrings, pictures, decoration, or the very popular gastro gifts are neither time consuming or boring: pick what suits you best.
  • A CD or a shared folder where you can collect or your favorite music or pics.
  • Handwritten letter, card, perhaps a confession? This year both our parents and my boyfriend will get something like that: we fill gorgeous BomoArt diaries with memories about the wonderful time we had and are having together – told from our point of view. Time absorbing? Yes. Intimate and difficult? Absolutely. Breathtaking? Yes, totally worth it! I can’t wait to see their reactions. Check out these beauties:

choosing the perfect gift for Christmas: a little guide by The Puur Blog #christmas #gift #tips #thepuurblog


Plus one

Running out of time? Don’t be scared, I have something for you which fits to everyone: handmade coupons which work like promises. Make a coupon for small things like dish washing, back rubbing, making up, eating out, watching that awful movie – be generous 😉

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