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ski holiday in the high tatras

ski holiday in the high tatras

High mountains, long ski runs, friendly people and fair prices: yes, we were in the High Tatras!

The only thing missing was snow… Most of the time it was raining, but we were lucky enough to experience one really beautiful and snowy day before the melting really began. I know the skiing holiday was ruined for a lot of people because of the weather, so I’m sure we can be thankful for this single day as well.

I will give you a short summary of our trip, it can be useful if you are planning on having a winter holiday.

Penzión Karpatia

ski holiday in the high tatras #review #travel
a room with a view

We stayed at a little family-run hotel called Penzión Karpatia in Vysoké Tatry. The communication with the staff was little troubled due to the lack of a common language, but otherwise they were the loveliest personnel we could ask for. They really tried to make our stay as pleasant as possible.

The rooms were big and and bright, as minimalistic as expected and a little noisy (the hotel is next to a main road). The bathroom and the toilet – both located outside of the room – were always clean. Everything was as it should be. But now let’s get down to business: the food. Breakfast was included in the price and one evening we stayed in and ordered dinner as well.

I contacted the hotel already in November asking if they could arrange gluten- and milk-free breakfast for me. They promised it wouldn’t be a problem. When we arrived I reminded them on my mail and they said it’s taken care of. However in the end due to possible misunderstandings, there was only one day when gluten- and lactose-free ham and cheese plate was an option (but no bread). So the usual breakfast looked like that:

ski holiday in the high tatras #review #travel
the crispbread was ours

Which is quite good, but it’s far from the promised “no problem” situation.

The dinner was much more successful from an allergy-friendly point of view. The soup and the main course were prepared separately, and an apple was served as dessert.

Overall, Penzión Karpatia is a perfect hotel for a short stay in the High Tatras, but be well-prepared and bring your own bread if you are living on a gluten-free diet.

Tatra Mountains

Both the High and Low Tatras were beautiful and the ski slopes are really satisfying for beginners and for those who are on an intermediate level. I would certainly recommend this area for everyone who wants to have a nice ski holiday – even on a budget.

ski holiday in the high tatras #review #travel
Low Tatras and tourists

As already mentioned, we didn’t have much snow, so we turned to plan B: sightseeing and playing Bang 🙂 We explored two little cities: Kežmarok and Betliar. The former has a nice little pink cafe where the hot chocolate is made from Belgian chocolate, and the latter has an astonishing castle with a huge, beautiful garden: definitely worth a visit 😉

ski holiday in the high tatras #review #travel
the castle
ski holiday in the high tatras #review #travel
the park

U Septima

At last I have to mention everyone’s absolute favorite: the French themed restaurant U Septima in Poprad. We just couldn’t get enough of their delicious food, so we ate dinner twice there. The allergens were clearly displayed next to every meal on the menu and everything was just perfect. I’ll let the pictures talk for themselves:

ski holiday in the high tatras #review #travel
gluten- and milk-free dinner
ski holiday in the high tatras #review #travel
ski holiday in the high tatras #review #travel
ski holiday in the high tatras #review #travel
duck tales
ski holiday in the high tatras #review #travel
mascarpone with blueberries

Kriszti, Péter: thank you for the pictures!

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