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3+1 tips for those who hate Valentine’s day

3+1 tips for those who hate Valentine’s day

I have lot of friends who – openly or secretly, but – hate Valentine’s day. On my negative days I can totally understand them. This day of the year can be a burden for not only singles, but for those who live in a relationship too.

Doesn’t matter whether you are single or not. Don’t let it get you! Don’t think about the must-haves and expectations. Like finding the One before you are 30 or spending a fortune on flowers which doesn’t mean a thing because they were bought under duress. Instead make this day count: for someone who you truly love or for yourself (whom you – by the way – should truly love as well).

3+1 tips for those who hate Valentine's day

Be your own valentine

Imagine yourself as your dearest friend! How would you thank for this friend for the great time together? Treat yourself: now it’s time for you to spoil your body and soul. You can go and spend the day at a spa, eat lunch in a fine restaurant or just stay at home, reading magazines and listening to your favorite music – at extra high volumes. In fact, you can throw a party for yourself 😉

Quality time

The perks of Valentine’s day is that it draws (maybe a bit aggressively) attention to our relationships. Use this time to have real conversations with friends over a beer or chat a little with your mom about her day. If you are living in a relationship, spend simply more time with your significant other, you can even surprise them with something spontaneous, like a date or cooking together.

Make yourself proud

One of the best feelings is being satisfied with yourself, isn’t it? Do the chores you are behind on, go and sweat in the gym, or work on that project a bit more. And the most important thing is: don’t forget to praise yourself afterwards! I’m sure you can have a little reward too 😉


Watch the movie called “The Little Death” which is SO fresh and funny in an effortless way, I just couldn’t stop laughing 🙂

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