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workout motivation: 7 smart and easy tricks

workout motivation: 7 smart and easy tricks

Working out is tiring. It takes a lot of time. It’s boring as hell. Cuddling on the sofa seems like heaven compared to it.

Does these sentences sound familiar?

When making that bulletproof workout plan, we tend to forget how hard it is to jump in our training clothes on a rainy Wednesday evening. When everybody else is having fun with friends or chilling after a long workday. And the perfect bikini body doesn’t sound so important anymore.

I know the struggle, but you can already be proud of yourself: you are reading an article about how to get motivation, so you haven’t given up yet! Keep up the good work 😉

Here comes the list which helps me all the time:

Selfie diary

Take a selfie after every workout. You will look sweaty, tired, happy and extremely delighted, because you did it. When feeling low and unmotivated again, you just need to grab your phone and take a look at your post-workout glory. Most likely you will want to experience the same again.

Extra tip: take a full body shot as well. After a few weeks it will be very satisfying to compare the before and after results. 😉

Sticky notes

Write a thank you note after every workout – for yourself. Write down how grateful you are for not skipping the training and how good it is to feel your muscles. Then put it on the fridge, on your tablet or on your training clothes. You can even collect them in a scrapbook and read them through on a bad hair day.

Stop washing your hair

Maybe it’s a bit cruel, but if you wash your hair only after working out, you will have the ultimate motivation. I promise. Dry shampoos have their limits too.

A real award

Give yourself a real reward, something which feels like an actual treat. Would kill for macarons? Promise yourself to eat one or two after completing your workout. Wanted to go to the movies? Make it to a reward 😉

here are our best workout motivation tricks and tips #thepuurblog #workout #motivation
a real workout motivation

Pimp your mood

With these motivating pics! This way you get the chance to prepare yourself mentally (and to procrastinate a little).

Create a ritual

If you have a pre-training ritual, your body will learn to prepare itself for working out in advance and it won’t feel like the most difficult task of the day anymore. It can be anything, like listening to a specific song or preparing your smoothie.

Find the alternative what suits you best

There is no trick which can fool your emotions in the long run. If you hate aerobics or if you are just not that into swimming or going to the gym, maybe you should try a new kind of training. Don’t stop until you find the perfect one! It may be something unique as well, like playing with your dog or sister, dancing the whole night or walking around the city. There is no such thing as bad kind of training, the most important thing is to move you body anyway.

here are our best workout motivation tricks and tips #thepuurblog #workout #motivation
hit the road
here are our best workout motivation tricks and tips #thepuurblog #workout #motivation
explore your city

Do you use workout motivation tricks? Share them with us in the comment field 🙂

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