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11+1 instagram accounts you need to follow

11+1 instagram accounts you need to follow

Let me show you our current favorites: 11+1 not so well known, but awesome and unique instagram accounts. I’m officially addicted to them:

they’ll inspire you


12 bloggers, 12 months, 12 topics, 144 DIY projects.



Beautiful landscapes, interior design, DIY projects and a lot of cuteness. My all-time favorite blogger nails them all 🙂


they’ll make you hungry


Mouthwatering and easy vegan meals made by a Hungarian photographer who’s living in Hamburg.



Beautiful Renee shows us all how much fun going vegan can/could be:


they’ll dress you


I’m not much of an expert of fashion, but I have a crush on Victoria’s elegance and grace (and maybe on her too).



Norway’s greatest lifestyle blogger has an exquisite taste in clothes as well:

Me and my girl 😍👧🏼🌸☀️

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they’ll amaze you


Another funny girl from Sweden who has a lot of mesmerizing pictures and this crazy-creative project with her profile photo. This one below was taken because of the national Cinnamon Rolls Day (which is really a thing in Sweden, believe me).



Jonna, who’s one of my greatest inspirations, left the city to live in a village of 10 people so that she can be herself. Painter, photographer, blogger and a great person.



I would like to visit all the places where she has been to: breathtaking mountains, gorgeous lakes, that’s my thing.

The foxiest lake of them all, Peyto Lake. 🐺 #modernvoyage

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If you are into Dutch culture and/or Amsterdam, this is definitely something for you 😉


+ 1: the bonus instagram account


I know I’m biased, because Gerda – the author of The Puur’s instagram account – is my sister, but I just love her work! What do you guys think?


Which instagram accounts are your favorite? Tell us about them in the comment field 🙂


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