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how to survive a bad haircut

how to survive a bad haircut

Last week I made a terrible mistake and trusted the randomly picked stylist and thought it was okay to accept her “revolutionary idea”. She told me she would make my hair look thicker. Well, it’s thick as hell now and too short to be true. After crying my eyes out I decided gathering survival tips was a better step to make than quitting my job to be able to hide in my bedroom all day until my hair grew back. Now I’m gonna share the most useful tips with you on how to survive a bad haircut which really worked for me while recovering from the shock of loss.

Embrace the facts

If it’s still not so short, you can try to experiment with a new stylist, maybe he or she can correct the worst part of it. But eventually you’ll get to the point where you have to face it: it’s done. And here are the facts:

How long will it take to grow back? Our hair grows quite fast, about 1 cm every month. Which means 0.3-0.5 mm each day, which is surprisingly good I think 😉

Can I make it grow faster? Yes: a scalp massage can do wonders. It improves blood circulation to hair follicles and helps remove dead skin cells too. Do it 1-2 times a week.

What about vitamins? They help to prevent hair loss, but won’t affect the speed of growth. So if you take them, you’ll have more hair, because they won’t fall out as fast as they usually do, but for this result you’ll have to wait 6-12 weeks.

Hair masks, lotions, serums, shampoos – do they aid in hair growth? Nope. Sorry.

Get to know the new you

Go and stand in front of the mirror. Observe the details and the whole impression of your new look and do this until you get familiar with it. This way you won’t get shocked every time you spot your reflection in a window or while brushing your teeth. It can totally turn your mood upside down if you are not prepared to see what you’ll see.

bad haircut

Style it up

You left already your comfort zone, so it’s time to enjoy it! Experiment with new looks, textures, colors and accessories. See it as an adventure or an absolute legitimate reason to get to buy new earrings and styling products. For example I’ve never tried sea salt sprays before, but they turned out to be a hit for me: my bad haircut evolved to a sexy and wild new style for a couple of days. And I’m looking forward to further experimentation. 🙂

Your Royal Awesomeness

It’ll be a very long series of bad hair days if you won’t accept the fact your bad haircut is now a part of you. Both Gerda and Peter said it’s time to realize it’s not the looks that really matter, it’s our personality, our self-confidence and happiness which we’ll be noticed by everyone who looks at us. It’s a cliche which everyone knows, but only a few live by. But you are perfect. It’s a fact. And it’s time to you to accept is as well. I’m on my way to do that – it’s difficult, but worth it. I keep on reminding myself on this every day and every day it gets easier.

Say goodbye to your previous style and celebrate this new phase in your life. Because you’re awesome anyway.

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