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thoughts about being on a diet

thoughts about being on a diet

I’m deeply in love with food. Basically food is my hobby. If it would be an Olympic sport – to eat it, smell it, take pictures of it, experiment with it or discuss it – I would make my country proud. I know many of you feel the same way and despite of that many of you are on diet because of various reasons. That’s why I’m sure you’ll understand what I’m going to write about.

A few days ago I felt that I reached a line. I was SO fed up with everything, like being the ‘problematic girl’, the ‘picky eater’, the one who has to plan all her meals in advance. The one who can’t go out easily without driving the waiters and everyone crazy because all the questions I have to ask. Maybe I was just tired after a long week or it was that random ‘friend’ on Facebook bragging about the fact that she can eat everything and doesn’t understand why sugar-free and gluten-free eating are such a hit for silly people. And I didn’t take the opportunity to lecture her, to start a fight or to simply express my uncontrolled feelings. I break down instead, that’s the worst thing you can do, I guess. But it got me thinking here’s what I came up with.

how it feels being on a diet you can't give up #personal #motivation
say no to pleasure

It’s not my job to enlighten my whole environment about nutrition or empathy, so I won’t waste my time on that. Everyone’s entitled to have an opinion and it takes so much of our precious time to change somebody’s mind*. It’s so much more worth to embrace something else. It doesn’t matter why you are on a special diet, it’s for your own sake. Because you don’t want to poison your body with something it can’t tolerate. I thought about how lucky I am because I know what’s good for me – a lot of people don’t even suspect that something’s wrong with their diet. I can feed my body with high-quality food and get it to function properly in the long run as well.

When I first started to exclude milk and milk-based products from my diet, I couldn’t help cheating. No matter what side-effects it caused, I just couldn’t say no to cheese and yoghurt. Being on a gluten- and sugar-free diet? No problem! But milk was different. I struggled and was guilt-ridden all the time until I realized I’m basically putting a halter round my own neck. I want to get better, so I have to cooperate with my body. So now my goal is to nourish (=spoil) my body the best way possible, this helps a lot to resist milk.

how it feels being on a diet you can't give up #personal #motivation
drink me

I could say that your diet doesn’t define you, but that’s no true. I think it has a story to tell about you and shows that you are an onion with many layers to peel. And that’s awesome.

*Okay, I lied a little, because I just have to show you this video – as a message to all those overly self-confident sugar-lovers:


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